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Varrick blinked and looked at her his lips pursed. "Zhu LI, I don't want you making my future bride uncomfortable." He said then blinked. "Lilies! Panda lilies! She will have a bouquet of panda lilies." He started pacing as he thought spouting off everything he wanted to make the wedding perfect. He stopped and snapped his fingers at Zhu Li. "Order a big cake! This will be great! My favorite girl and my favorite assistant! Life doesn't get much better."
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"Of course not, sir. She will not even know she is being investigated." Zhu Li kept her face hidden behind her notes as she wrote. She couldn’t bear to look at her employer. He sounded so happy at the thought of being with… some woman she didn’t even know. Like always, Varrick was going to extravagant lengths. But this time, it was all for… some woman. Who was this woman? What had she done to deserve his attention?

She felt her stomach twist up in knots. His favorite girl…

Zhu Li was just his favorite assistant. Nothing more. Usually, hearing him call her his favorite assistant had felt… pleasant. Proud, perhaps. Satisfied, definitely.

But in this context, it felt,.. inadequate. Incomplete. Most unsatisfying.

"Yes, sir," she said, softly, in response to getting him a big cake. "It seems I have many arrangements to make. If you will permit me, I shall take my leave. We can discuss salary adjustment at a later, undetermined date." She gave a bow of her head. 

Zhu Li would find out who this woman was and see for herself how worthy this woman was of her employer’s attention and affection.

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Eager platybeaver this one was! He enthusiastically gave her a tour spouting off what and where everything was and what her duties in regards to everything would be. He suddenly stopped backed up two spaces and turned to grab her shoulders. "MOVING PICTURES! TO GO ON WITH THE STORIES ON THE RADIOS!" He suddenly pulled her against his side, his cheek pressed against hers as his hand fanned out in front of them. "I'll call it a mover."
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Zhu Li continued to take furious, fast-paced notes, flipping over page after page as Varrick continued to talk. And talk. And talk. Zhu Li was not a talker by nature. Therefore, all the “yes sirs” and “no sirs” amounted to the most she had ever said in one day. 

She stiffened suddenly when her new employer grabbed her by the shoulders. She suppressed the urge to react in a way that might cause her employer to regret hiring her and simply remained frozen in place.

She could feel her employer pressing his cheek against hers. She had never been quite so close to another man before. She felt more than a little flustered; though, she maintained a stoic expression. “Brill-” Her normally deadpan voice seemed to squeak, but she cleared her throat and the deadpan tone resumed. “Brilliant, sir.” She caught sight of the same cart from earlier… the one with the tea, and with one smooth, fluid movement, extracted herself from her employer. 

"Ah, perhaps… I shall make you some tea?" She looked over at him for confirmation.

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Zhu Li is Sailor Moon?!!


41st Annie Awards, Stephanie Sheh, 2014.jpg

Some of us may know Stephanie Sheh as the actress who voices Varrick’s assistant Zhu Li on ‘The Legend of Korra’.


What some of us may not know is that Stephanie Sheh will also be voicing Sailor Moon in Viz Media’s upcoming English dub of the original anime.

I swear, if Luna ever wants Usagi to transform and says “Do the thing!”, pop culture will never be able to top that.


OOC: There should be a Zhu Li dressed up as Sailor Moon now.

"Assisting corrupt corporate executives by moonlight, winning love by daylight?"


On a serious note, Stephanie Sheh has also voiced a lot of other characters like Hinata from Naruto and Orihime from Bleach. I’m not sure why she would be cast for a character that has so few lines, but it kind of makes me hopeful that Zhu Li will have a little bit more of a role? 

I dunno. I could be hoping for too much. But she hasn’t had any lines this season! Not even a “Yes, sir” yet.

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Zhu Li approached the guard and bowed in a polite manner. "My employer wishes to show his support for the guard force of Zaofu," she said, in a deadpan tone of voice. She held out a packaged Varricake to the guard. "A free sample of our famous Varricakes."
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"Thank you ma’am," Jeon said, "Just… doing my job though no need to give me gifts or anything."

She didn’t exactly refuse the pastry though.

"My employer insists. If you enjoy the Varricake, please let us know. Due to budget constraints, we can’t give continuous free samples, but we are more than willing to supply more to the guards for a discounted fee."

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Aurora couldn't help but notice the woman across from her, working on whatever. Curious, she looked over, "excuse me miss, you seem to be a really busy person." She hoped that didn't come out weird.
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OOC: Hello there! I appreciate your interest in wanting to RP with me, but might I suggest RPing with a Disney group, perhaps?

You see, I’m not terribly interested in crossovers, but if you ever make an LoK character blog, I would love to RP with you sometime!

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He smiled and motioned enthusiastically. "Come walk with me, Zhu Li. Do you know what makes an empire?" he asked as he glanced back at her. "I do of course! And with you as my new assistant, I will have a lot more free time. Of course you'll be in charge of keeping my schedule."
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Zhu Li followed him, always keeping just behind him and taking notes on her notepad. 

Schedule free-time, she wrote. Research empires???

Apparently, it wasn’t terribly difficult for her to multi-task, either, because she answered Varrick. 

"No, sir," Zhu Li had said when asked about what makes an empire. "Yes, sir," she had said when he said he’d have more free time. "Yes, sir," she had said when he said she would be keeping his schedule. Her tone was as deadpan as ever; though if her repeated "Yes sirs" and "No sirs" were anything to go by, she must have been eager to please and do well.

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"Of course I'm serious!" He grinned even broader not realizing his assistant's discomfort. "She's the one Zhu Li. I tell you. She's everything I need in life." He bounced again and then shook his fingers. "Make sure you get that one band that played at the thing. They were the best."
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Zhu Li continued to take notes, particularly noting that she would need to review her files to figure out which band played at which thing Varrick might be talking about, and her face remained blank. “Everything you need,” she said quietly, perhaps to see if it would be more believable if she could hear it.

She still couldn’t believe it, but was it really so hard to believe? She had always suspected Varrick would never be hers, truly and completely. She had brushed it aside, hadn’t she? Such notions were foolish and unbefitting of a cold, heartless war machine and an efficient, unobstructed assistant.

"I was not aware you were seeing someone regularly, sir. My apologies. I must insist that you allow me to do some research as per protocol. It will not interfere with the planning unless I find something that would render her unsuitable for marriage."

Everything he needed? Maybe Zhu Li had hoped that she would be all he ever needed.

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Varrick was legitimately impressed. She filled them out faster than he thought she would. He loved the fact that she kept up correcting him and didn't sound to annoyed. He jumped up suddenly and laughed. "Come, follow me!"
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Just as she had finished, Varrick seemed to pop back into view, laughing. It startled and confused her for a moment. Had she done something unusual or comical to warrant a laugh? She jumped up from her seat and gave another polite bow to indicate that she would follow him. “Yes, sir.” 

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(break meme) Varrick bounded into the office after having one of his consorts over. "Zhu LI! I need you to call a caterer arrange a party and get on of the officiants here! I'm getting married." He grinned and moved over grabbing her shoulders excitedly! "She's perfect! And I'm in love!" He blinked and stood up crossing his arm over his stomach and the other hand touching his lip. "Hm. Will you need a raise to be both of our assistants?"
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Zhu Li started to write furiously on her notepad all the arrangements needed for a party, but then Varrick said he was getting married, and her pen broke in her hand. Ink spilled everywhere on the page. She started to clean the mess up and tried to keep her face as neutral as possible. 

Married? Varrick didn’t get… married. His ability to commit was as lacking as his ability to keep a straight face for more than a few minutes. She finished cleaning the mess and resumed writing at a much more calmer; though, slower and unsteady pace.

"Sir, this is… rather sudden," Zhu Li said, slowly, carefully, deliberately…

Precise. Her face was practically rigidly fixed in its stoic position. This had to be some kind of scheme. Or joke. Or maybe a scheme and a joke. “You’re… not serious?” Her tone was as deadpan as usual.

There was a sinking feeling in her stomach. This was not something that she often felt. Dread. It was strange and uncomfortable. 

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Varrick: Zhu Li, you didn't do the thing! You're fired!
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"Are you sure, sir?"