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… This works better as a verbal pun. |:(

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Avatar Kyoshi in a quiet moment, without her weapons or makeup. I like Isaia’s headcanon that Kyoshi had a female lover, so there she is in the background :)

/edit: FINE I won’t be lazy and give her lover a face since Kyoshi is too badass to let Koh do anything to anyone she cares about

Now, I’m imagining Kyoshi and Koh meeting, and Koh actually being terrified of her.

"Greetings, Avatar. I suppose you think- *GETS PUNCHED IN THE FACE*"

"*Neutral look* Should you come to the Material World and kidnap another mortal, you will face the full wrath of the Avatar."

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Just cosplaying as Chun-Li.. { #Tlok #lok #legendofkorra #thelegendofkorra #Korra #zhuli #avatar #avatarthelastairbender #atla #assistant #dothething } by simply_zhu_li

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Do the thing.

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Zhu Li did not venture into public in her usual garb. She wore a different style of spectacles, a different outfit... and she also wore a hat that appeared to be far too big for her. Up-close, anyone who knew the assistant would probably recognize her. But from any other distance, she was just another face in the crowd. And now, here she was in front of this so-called "Lair." She knocked because it was polite. (All)
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Tok Tok Tok

The three Elites all looked up from what they were doing, then at each other. Maniitok with his brush still halfway through his hair, Akul still in his meditative position, and Inazuma on the couch with her latest book. The silently looked at each other in turn. One did not simply knock on the door of the Elite Three without them knowing that someone was coming over in advance.

Akul looked to Maniitok. Maniitok looked to Inazuma. Inazuma shrugged and gestured to Maniitok. Maniitok shook his head apprehensively. Inazuma pointed at the door firmly, giving Maniitok a silent order. Maniitok rolled his eyes, slid his hair back into the iron clip, and stood up.

"WE DON’T WANT ANY!" he bellowed at the still-closed door.

Inazuma leaped from the couch, her hands grasping at the air as though trying to imagine strangling a certain tall waterbender. Maniitok turned to her and shrugged as though asking what it was he was supposed to have done. The two were suddenly in each other’s faces, silently mouthing an argument about how to interpret gestures.

The sound of the large, metal door creaking open and Akul’s deadpan “May I help you?” startled the two out of their argument. Their heads simultaneously snapped to face Akul leading in a woman of unknown origin and intent over into their somewhat messy living space and offering her a seat on the couch. Their attention shot towards Akul. His face was calm, despite the daggers being shot at him from the eyes of the other Elites. He ignored them and sat down on the couch opposite of Zhu Li.

"What may I ask brings you to The Lair of The Elite Three?" he asked, his mannerisms very business-like.

Zhu Li followed the bespectacled young man inside the lair. She did not sit down on the couch, seeming to prefer to remain standing. She gave a polite bow of her head, then she reached into the dark blue jacket she was wearing and pulled out her notes.

"I am here on behalf of my employer." Her eyes flicked up from her notes to Akul. "He thought it prudent to discuss a few important matters with the three of you, one of which includes the topic of theft and destruction of his property."

She flipped a page and looked down. “It wasn’t difficult to point you three as the people responsible. You have made your names known, so I’m sure you realize this meeting was going to occur at some time or another.”

She glanced briefly at the other two members of the Elite Three who appeared to be engaged in some kind of silent argument. She glanced back at Akul. “I wouldn’t recommend engaging in any sort of violent action against my person since I would not risk coming here and facing potential exposure without a number of plans to ensure my safety and continued freedom.”

She clicked her pen and set it to the paper, looking up from her notes once more. “So, let us keep this discussion civilized.”

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Have you ever played in the snow as a kid? Make a snowman, snowfort, etc
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"I tried to participate in a snowball fight once. I believe I grossly misinterpreted the object of the game."

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Republic City Journalist

Do you want to build a sand castle with my new OC?

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does anyone else suddenly get hit with flashes of dialogue or scenery or characterization that would be perfect to use if you actually had a plot you could incorporate it into

All the time. I have entire characters and settings in my head for stories, and nowhere to put them. I have considered just throwing a bunch of these “orphan characters” into one giant story and seeing what happens because why not?

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Reblog if it’s okay to befriend you, ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just have a nice chat.

OOC: Always.

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Thinking about Making an OC

LOL… It’s been kind of slow on the Legend of Korra RP front, anyway, so I thought to myself. Why not? I’ve even already come up with a character. I had a hard time deciding between a male OC or a female OC, mainly because it seems like there’s a ton of female OCs and not a lot of male OCs, and I’ve got this issue with balance.

On the other hand, Zhu Li is my only female character, and I really wanna play with some ideas for a female OC. I was thinking of making an ex-military character (that way it might give her some connections with the number of characters in the United Forces). And then, just so I have more excuses to get her involved in everybody’s business…

Maybe an investigative journalist?